Drive Recorder Information

July 2, 2012 Honda HDS Guide

Drive Recorder Information

The total number of files stored on the HIM is 2Mb in total. If not enough storage space remains on the HIM when a capture is
triggered, the HIM places itself in suspend mode when the trigger is activated. The sizes of the files vary depending on the capture
requirements, including control unit type, number of selected parameters (high-speed sampling), and the capture duration. The
approximate number of capture files that can be stored on the HIM varies:

Capture Time Default Parameters High-Speed Sampling
3 Minutes 4 Captures 8 Captures
2 Minutes 8 Captures 13 Captures
60 Seconds 13 Captures 33 Captures
30 Seconds 28 Captures 180 Captures

NOTE: These numbers are approximate values; the actual amount of stored files may vary.

When the vehicle ignition is turned off, the HIM enters hibernate mode after 1 minute. When the vehicle ignition is turned to ON
(II), you must press the green button to restart the HIM, regardless of what trigger events have been set in the HIM.
When insufficient HIM memory space remains to store another complete capture data set, the HIM automatically enters suspend
mode. No further trigger events will be detected and captured while the HIM is in suspend mode. If you want to collect another
capture, you can bring the HIM out of suspend mode by pressing and holding the green button (or remote trigger button) for 2
seconds and then release it. This action erases the oldest capture, and the HIM starts to detect the trigger again.

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