July 4, 2012 Honda HDS FAQ

Q: I have a HDS tool the cable has a male fitting for the computer and I need a female. There is a extra connection that could fit but I am unable to do the change over.
A: This cable have one HONDA 3PIN cable in the package, does that fit you?

Q: From the photo of your advertisement, the cable connected to the HIM appears to have a three pin connector. Am I correct? It is unconventional. Would it cause any problem?
A: Yes,it have HONDA 3PIN cable also have 16PIN obd2 cable.If your car is 3pin,can directly connect,if it is 16pin,please use the convert cable in the pacakge.

Q: i want to buy this kit, how can I checkout.
A: you can add the product intp the shopping cart , the click the check out bottom to finish you order.

Q: We would like to know that to you have the honda diagnostic system HDS
in you stock or when you can provided the item to us if we purchase
We would like to purchase this product so would you please tell us when we can received this product
A: We usally will ship it to you by DHL, delivery usually needs 3-5 days.

Q: The 2012 software can be updated now ? That can be download via internet?
A: HDS can updated,we send update link for customer. Now have not got new update yet,so have not release.Once get it,we will release.

Q: I have fly 100 scanner and i have no idea if it has locksmith version or full version please help me how can i know which one it has and thank you
A: When you get your fly100 ,it should be with a using manual,you can konw which version of your fly100 from it.

Q: Does honda hds can be reprogram immobilizer?
A: can do Reprogram Immobilizer, need password when program keys. FLY100 doesn’t need it.

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