Honda HDS System Button Functionality

July 2, 2012 Honda HDS Guide

Honda HDS System Button Functionality

1. On the right-hand side are the system buttons that allow
various operations:

Parameter Configuration:
This displays the list of parameters and allows them to be
included or removed from the display. It also allows
parameters to be selected as line graph displays.

Return to Normal Display:
Select this button to exit back to the start up screen.

Move Parameters:
The up and down arrows allow an individual parameter to be
selected and then moved to any part of the display order.

2. Highlight a parameter, and then use the up and down
arrows to move the parameter into any position on the list.

3. Display Line Graph:
If a parameter has been configured to display as a line graph,
then when this button is pressed, the selected parameters are
drawn as line graphs.

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