OBD Monitors

July 3, 2012 OBD Scantool Software Guide

OBD Monitors

Vehicles which support OBD II/EOBD legislative requirements may implement up to eleven on-board OBD Monitors. These monitors fall into one of the following two groups:

  • Continuously monitored tests
    1. Misfire
    2. Fuel System
    3. Comprehensive Component

  • Non-Continuously monitored tests
    1. Catalyst Monitoring
    2. Heated Catalyst
    3. Evaporation System
    4. Secondary Air System
    5. A/C System Refrigeration
    6. Oxygen Sensors
    7. Oxygen Sensor Heater
    8. EGR System

The OBD Scantool indicates the availability and readiness states of these monitors immediately after obtaining a connection with a vehicle, using the following key:

State Key
Monitor is supported but not available.
Monitor is available.
Monitor is Not supported.

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