Request Oxygen Sensor Monitoring test Results

July 3, 2012 OBD Scantool Software Guide

Mode $5: Request Oxygen Sensor Monitoring test Results

OBD Scantool toolbar

This service provides access to the on-board oxygen sensor test results as required by OBD regulations. Use of this mode is optional, depending on the method used by the vehicle manufacturer to comply with the requirement for oxygen sensor monitoring. Upon selection of this service the tool will automatically determine the oxygen sensors that supported and display the test results obtained. The test results will be continually updated until such time as the user switches to another OBD/EOBD service.

Note: Test results are displayed against either a Minimum or a Maximum limit. A dashed line "—" indicates that the limit is not applicable

If Mode 5 is not supported by the vehicle then a warning popup will be displayed and the Mode 5 option on the toolbar disabled.

Oxygen Sensor Data values

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