Request Powertrain Freeze Frame Data

July 3, 2012 OBD Scantool Software Guide

Mode $2: Request Powertrain Freeze Frame Data

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This service provides access to emission related data values within a Freeze Frame. Selecting Frame Number 0, the default frame, will cause any mandated freeze frame data to be displayed. Selecting any other frame number will cause manufacturer specific freeze frame data to be displayed (if any is available).

Request data for Freeze Frame zero

Frame Number 0 is selected by default. To select any other frame number (within the range 1 – 255) use the Up and Down arrow button to the right of the frame number display. To read the selected frame number data press the "Read Data" button. A progress bar will be displayed to indicate the status of the read.

If Freeze Frame data is available, then the DTC that caused the Freeze Frame data to be stored, is displayed, e.g "P1894"). If no DTC caused freeze frame data to be stored but data is available, a popup warning message will be displayed indicating that the displayed data may not be valid.

Freeze Frame Data

The user may toggle between imperial and SI unit types by selecting the "Imperial" or "Metric" buttons respectively.

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