Scantool Vehicle Connection

July 3, 2012 OBD Scantool Software Guide

Scantool/Vehicle Connection

OBD Connector in Drivers side Footwell Scantool running on laptop with GNA600
J1962 OBD Female Mating Connector Location Laptop/Vehicle Setup

The images above illustrate the hardware connections required between a laptop, a communication gateway device (GNA600 – the ‘Red’ device), and a vehicle, in order to establish communications between the OBD Scantool (displayed on the laptop) and the vehicle’s on-board Computer.

Connection Details

  1. Desktop/Laptop PC
    • Connect the PC to the GNA600 Communications Gateway via the Ethernet cable supplied.

  2. Ethernet 100-T cable
    • This item is not required with portable diagnostic tablet units (GDS 3100/2200).

  3. GNA600
    • Connect the 20 pin connector of the J1962 DLC to the GNA600/diagnostic Tablet.

  4. J1962 DLC
    • Connect the 16 pin connector of the J1962 DLC to the vehicle’s female receptor

Note: If you have either the GDS 2200, or GDS 3100 diagnostic tablet units, then this has a built-in vehicle communication gateway so only requires a connection to the vehicle via the J1962 DLC.

Below is an outline of the J1962 16 pin OBD (Female) DLC (Data Link Connector), usually situated in the Drivers side footwell. To locate the OBD Diagnostic DLC for a given vehicle, please consult the vehicle’s maintenance manual.

16 pin J1962 OBD Male Connector silhouette

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