Set the Capture Trigger Type

July 2, 2012 Honda HDS Guide

Set the Capture Trigger Type

1. If previously captured files are stored in the HIM, they need
to be saved to the tablet tester before further captures can be
made. You can select Yes to save the captures, and then
continue on to make new captures. Or you can select No to
delete the stored capture files, and continue on to make new

2. The Trigger Point slider allows configuration of the amount
of data stored before and after the trigger event. The default
is a 30-second capture with 15 seconds of pre-trigger data
and 15 seconds of post-trigger data. Before the trigger event
occurs, the Drive Recorder is continuously reading data but
only storing the most recent 15 seconds of data. When the
trigger occurs, those most recent 15 seconds of data are
permanently stored as part of the capture, and the 15 seconds
of post-trigger data are then read from the vehicle and
permanently stored.

3. The Trigger Type can be set to any of three options:

• Manual. When the HIM is connected to the vehicle, the
event is captured only when the green HIM button (or remote
trigger button, if available) is pressed.

• DTC and Temporary DTC. When the HIM is connected to
the vehicle, the capture begins only if a DTC or temporary
DTC occurs. If the trigger event is a DTC, then when
configuring the HIM for captures, there can be no existing
DTCs stored in the control unit. Make sure that no DTCs are
stored before configuring the HIM.

• Parameter. When the HIM is connected to the vehicle, the
capture begins only when predetermined conditions are met
(see next segment, 4, for an example).

4. This parameter type capture begins when the engine speed
is higher than 2000 rpm AND the engine temperature
is higher than 75 degrees F. If a capture was required
to trigger when a measurement falls below a
predetermined value, then the lower than icon would
be selected.
The logical condition AND means that both selected
conditions must be true for the capture to begin; this can
be replaced with the logical OR, which means that if either
of the conditions is true, the capture of data begins for the
selected parameter(s).

5. The Drive Recorder has been successfully configured. The
HIM is now configured as a Drive Recorder, and the
Ethernet cable between the HIM and the HDS tablet can
be disconnected. All functionality for the Drive Recorder
is now stored on the HIM. The HIM should be left in the
vehicle, and events will be captured depending on the
trigger type settings.
Once the connection to the vehicle has been made, the
HIM begins collecting pre-trigger data. When the capture
is triggered, data that happened prior to the trigger event is
recorded; this enables the vehicle’s performance to be
captured before the trigger event as well as afterwards. If
the trigger event is activated while the pre-trigger data is
being collected, then the pre-trigger data collection stops,
and all subsequent data collected becomes post-trigger

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