Using the OBD Scantool

July 3, 2012 OBD Scantool Software Guide

Using the OBD Scantool

For information on how to manually connect the Scantool hardware to a vehicle – see Scantool/Vehicle Connection.

When the program is executed, the user is informed that the Scantool is currently disconnected:


After selecting the ‘Connect‘ menu item on the Scantool Menu,

'Connect' menu item

– the OBD Scantool attempts to establish a connection with a vehicle’s on-board computer, by automatically detecting which of the OBD Network Interfaces the vehicle supports.


Connecting with a vehicle..

Initially, whilst the Scantool is not connected to a vehicle, all other icons on the toolbar, except for the last two, are disabled. During the process of connecting, the ‘Vehicle Connection Status’ is continually updated, displaying a progress control, together with the vehicle network interface over which it is currently attempting to establish the connection.

Having connected with the vehicle, the Scantool will display the type of Interface over which communication has been established. For example:

Connection Interface type

The Scantool will then display a message indicating that it is checking for the availability, and readiness states of the on-board OBD Monitors. For example:

Checking OBD Monitors

When the OBD Monitor Readiness tests are complete, the Scantool will then query the vehicle’s on board computer, to establish whether or not the Malfunction Indicator Lamp (MIL) has been commanded ON. Green indicates that the MIL is OFF, and RED indicates that it is ON, For example:

MIL Commanded OFF MIL Commanded ON

The MIL status is displayed as an icon on the Title bar of the Scantool application’s main window (top left).


Scantool Connected with a vehicle..

Once the Scantool has connected with a vehicle and all Monitor readiness tests are complete, the remaining icons on the toolbar are enabled. The user may select any of the diagnostic services (modes), either, by mouse, point and click, via the Toolbar (click on one of the toolbar icons below for a functional description of the Diagnostic Services!),

OBD Scantool toolbar

– or, by way of the View menu (or corresponding Shortcut key), as shown below.

View menu

To Quit the Scantool application, the user may select ‘Exit‘ from the Scantool menu,

Exit the Scantool application

– or, click with the left mouse button on the cross at the top right of the application’s main window.

Close Scantool application

Note: It is recommended that the Scantool is always disconnected prior to closing down the application.

Disconnect from Vehicle

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