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July 2, 2012 Honda HDS Guide

View Captured Files

1. From the main screen, enter stand-alone mode by clicking
on the icon, and select Drive Recorder from the menu.

2. Disconnect the HIM from the vehicle, and connect it to
external power using a 110 VAC/12 VDC power supply,
part number VET02001723. Connect the Ethernet cable to
both ports on the HIM and the tablet tester. Select Yes to
continue or No to end.

3. If no files are stored in the HIM, then the message There
are no Drive Recorder events stored is displayed. If you
want to continue using the HIM as a Drive Recorder, then
return to Connect Honda HDS and Honda HIM,
and start the process again.

4. If any files are stored in the HIM, their transfer begins
automatically. The blue progress bar and the frame transfer
message show the progress. When data has been captured
and is transferred over from the HIM to the HDS tablet, it
reads the capture frames at approximately 400 frames per
minute. When all frames have been read from the HIM,
they are then saved onto the HDS tablet. The yellow and
red lights flash together as the data is retrieved for
approximately 30 seconds.

5. When all files have been transferred to the HDS tablet, the
vehicle name and VIN are displayed at the top level, and
beneath that are displayed all of the time- stamped captures
from that vehicle. If many vehicle captures are stored on
the HDS tablet, then individual vehicles can be chosen by
selecting specific vehicle information from the list, for
example, model or VIN.

6. The captured file is displayed, and it can be replayed by
using the scroll bar. As each parameter is selected, the help
text for that parameter is displayed in the right-hand

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